Gym 1

Self Defense

Self-defence is hand-to-hand combat in public places between individuals or groups of people. Unlike sport fighting, self-defense might involve weapons, multiple opponents and has no rules.

Fighting strategy

  • Precise and correct movement
  • Strong (knockout) punch and kicks
  • The combination of punches – throws – painful holds, throws and chokes
  • Economical and rational movements
  • The most effective action at any one time
  • Use a wide range of techniques and impacts on the opponent
  • Use of additional objects and environments

Training rules

  • The purpose of training is self-improvement
  • At training all are partners
  • It is necessary to respect a partner
  • Do not intentionally cause traumas to the partner
  • You must remain calm and self-control
  • The level of student is not important for training
  • You must follow the instructions of trainer

Fighting ideology

  • There is only one rule – there are no rules
  • Fight is as close as possible to the real situation
  • There is no any restrictions on use of punches and kicks, grabs, painful holds, throws, chokes
  • No weight restrictions

The lesson is suitable for beginners and advanced.

Duration: 90 minutes


One lesson: 150 Kc




18:00 – 19:30

18:00 – 19:30