Gym 1



I started the Pilates method seven years ago because of health problems, so I am living proof that everything bad is good for something. I, at that time a soloist of the National Theater Ballet, in full force and in top form, could not get rid of my back pain.


I turned to doctors and therapists, honestly practiced and rehabilitated according to various methods, but unfortunately nothing worked. No expert told me exactly what the pain is.


Someone advised me at that time, Pilates, before we started to train him, I came in contact with several doctors, therapists and went through rehabilitation. In the end, I decided to go out of despair. I didn’t believe the solution could be that simple.


I will not describe my surprise here when I realized from my fourth (!) Exercise at the Národní třída tram stop that I did not hurt my back. So I found my “painkiller”!


Later, I thought I needed to understand how Pilates works, and I decided to study Pilates. I still had a lot of beautiful discoveries and surprises, and I’m still learning and I like to pass on my knowledge.


In Gym1 we can meet at Ballet and Pilates lectures.